Fruit & Vegetable Supply Chain - An Indian Perspective

dhanush_kuttuva_smThanks to the course work,I had the opportunity to study and analyze the fruits & vegetable supply chain of one largest Retail Chains in India.

India is the largest producer of fruits & vegetables in the world,but 30% of the produce is wasted due to lost due to supply chain inefficiencies.Is that a problem?

Considering the fact that approx 40% of the Population is below the poverty line,earning less than $1/day – with no food, efforts must be taken to reduce and improve the yield/productivity.

What are the factors contributing to these losses
1. Fragmented/Low technology farming
2. Presence of Middle men
3. Supply Chain Inefficiencies/Lack of Cold Storage Facilities.

The losses can happen at any stage of the supply chain i.e during transportation,at the warehouse/retail store or at the cold storage.

The seasonality of the products further contribute to the inconsistencies in the demand forecasting.

With the phenomenal growth of the retail, things are getting better. Players are collaborating with farmers to ensure good quality of produce and encouraging contract farming.

Cold Storage Solution Providers are mushrooming in different parts of the country to deliver the right product @the right place@the right time.

All these will contribute to increasing the productivity of the industry as a whole in the long run,and presents a great opportunities for supply chain Supply Chain Associations(APICS,CSCMP) & Professionals to find out cost effective solutions to the problems and address the concerns.

8 comments to Fruit & Vegetable Supply Chain – An Indian Perspective

  • V N Shiju

    Hi Dhanush,
    Was thrilled to see a post on Indian Food Supply Chain on APICS. You have made mention of some course. Is it about the programme offered by the Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad? I would be interested to interact with you.

    V N Shiju

  • Dhanush Kuttuva

    Hi Shiju.

    Thanks for the feedback. I am doing my course(MBA) in National Institute Of industrial Engg, considered to be at par with the course at IIM,Ahmedabad.

    You can contact me at

  • Karen YIP

    Hi Dhanush,

    Very challenging supply chain in deed ^_^

    Any more details to share about how to make it different gradually or locals just live with it? I am specially interested in Cold Storage Solution Providers – wanna share a bit more if can.

    Karen YIP

  • Yeah thats a very serious problem with Indian food industry. However govt. and social bodies are trying hard to overcome the problem you mentioned but all in vain due to lack in technology used.

  • Dhanush Kuttuva

    Hi Karen
    Yeah will come out with a study on cold chain in India…in my next posts..

  • Dhanush Kuttuva

    Hi Fruit & Veg,

    with the entry of corp houses & other organised players..We have a bright future ahead!

  • Bettieclaire

    It seems that you’ve put a great amount of time into your article and I want a lot more of these on the internet these days. Well, anyways… it certainly was very informative for me. It will come out with a study on cold chain in India…in my next posts.

  • Dhanush Kuttuva

    Hi Bettie

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