Run Tickets and Who's who

A field run ticket is a paper record completed by the purchasers or transporters representative documenting how much crude oil was removed from an oil well location. There is a company called Oildex which provides a service called RunTicket Connect. This service allows companies to import run tickets, summary statements, and tank tables directly into existing accounting software systems, or they can download them into a spreadsheet, eliminating the need for hand keying. This results in time and cost savings.

Crude Oil Data Exchange (CODE) is an electronic business standard sanctioned by the American Petroleum Institute (API). CODE was initially implemented as the standard in 1978. It provides field formats and record layouts to facilitate the transmission of crude oil run tickets between producers and transporters. Run tickets from Oildex use American Petroleum Institute’s (API) industry CODE standards.

API is the primary trade association representing all phases of the oil and gas industry. PIDX (Petroleum Industry Data Exchange) is the Electronic Commerce Committee of the API

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