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Join the supply chain conversation with Sharon Rice, executive director of the APICS Foundation. Explore topics including the role of supply chain planning in corporate success, how sustainability and corporate social responsibility enable the bottom line, global supply chain risk management, and more. Comments are welcome.

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Join the supply chain conversation at Think Supply ChainIn her role as executive director, APICS Foundation, Sharon Rice oversees the operations and success of the foundation. The foundation provides the nation’s premier forum for supply chain and operations management research, educational programs, courseware, events, and curriculum development. The foundation publishes results from practitioner-friendly applied research.

Rice has been responsible for guiding the planning, development, and management of APICS education courseware, professional development programs, research, industry content, publications, and marketing for the past five years. Rice brings 20 years of association management experience to APICS.

Prior to joining APICS in 2007, Rice served as both an association executive and a consultant to nonprofit organizations working specifically in the areas of strategic planning, program development, complex project management, as well as training and development.

Additionally, Rice’s professional association experience includes the American Society of Clinical Pathology; Krajewski & Associates, an association management consulting firm; the National Association of Minority Engineering Program Administrators; and the American Association of Legal Nurse Consultants. Rice attended Manchester College & the University of Illinois.

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